What is NETIChome:

NETIChome® is a full automation solution for your home/office or store.

NETIChome® is the simplest solution for controlling lighting, heating/cooling, shades, security, cameras & survillance, and all home/office electric appliance. Allowing you to put different scenarions, timers, events, alarms, and triggers.

NETIChome® turns your Home/Office/Store into a smart one, controlling it by only using your smart phone (Android or IOs), or by simply using any web-browser wherever you are.

What can you do with NETIChome®:
  • Control basically any electric device at your Home, Office or anywhere you want.
  • Configure scenarios, timers & triggers for different moods.
  • Increase security and keep updated by our motion sensors, cameras, door/window opening detector and other security modules.
  • Prevent crisis by keeping alarmed by our smoke and flood detectors.
  • Increase comfort by controlling lights, shades, climate and all your devices using your smart phone.





For more information about NETIChome

Please download NETIChome Catalogue to have a full idea of our product components, abilities and how it operates.

Download NETIChome Catalogue



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