Security products :.

Increase security at your Home/office by using our smart products.

»Smart Locks

Secure your doors with smart locks that can be controlled remotely by your smart phone.

Access can be granted either by passwords, finger prints or access cards.

Forget about searching for the keys and forgetting the keys, smart locks are easy, secured, simple and smart.



» Access Control

Access control systems for office buildings and workspaces are great security products to secure and divide departments.

By giving everybody acess to his own department or personal area and not allowing others, shall organize and increase security.

Access control may be used by finger prints, access codes, or access cards.


»Automated Gates

Electric automatic gates makes getting in and out a lot easier and more secured..

Your gate could be a basic automatic gate with a remote control or a button, or can get smarter so that it opens when it sees you.

We also have different models of gate designs that will suit every taste and application.

Secure your House with our automated gates.


»Electric fencing

With electric fences integrated within your security system, you get the maximum security in terms of access to your property.

Electric fences can be installed above your regular fence and can be installed as standalone fences.

Forget about burglary, nobody would dare to pass your electric fence.